Netcapsule is a digital time capsule. The purpose of netcapsule is to use the internet and the domain name to collect & archive text & digital objects from many individuals throughout the course of one year. Thereafter, the netcapsule will be sealed & locked for 20 years. After 20 years, the netcapsule will unlock for public exhibition in 2037.
  1. 30 participants will be invited.
  2. Each of those 30 participants receive three invitations to disperse.
  3. In turn, those three participants receive three invites to disperse, and so forth, to propagate content for the netcapsule.
  4. Users can submit one post.
  5. Posts will be published & archived on
  1. Netcapsule launches at 8pm EST on October 10, 2016.
  2. Netcapsule will be open and will gather content from users for 365 days.
  3. On Oct 10, 2017, at 8pm EST, the netcapsule will lock for 20 years.
  4. When the netcapsule is locked, it will display timer countdown on the frontpage for 20 years.
  5. On Oct 10, 2037, at 8pm EST, the netcapsule will unlock for public viewing.
  1. Users can submit one post.
  2. Users are encourage to communicate with the future.
  3. Posts can be any length. As simple as posting a photo or a .gif, or longer form (future predictions, essay, etc.).
  4. Users publish posts by logging into CMS.
  5. Users are encouraged to think in terms of best archival practices.
  6. CMS posts can contain text, images, audio files, code-snippets, animated .gifs, self-hosted video – anything supported by WordPress CMS that does not rely on content hosted outside of the domain.
  1. The Netcapsule will be archived on a server and will be locked for 20 years.

Netcapsule is now closed. Netcapsule will unlock on 10.10.2037 at 8pm EST in: